About Us

Publishing and circulating independently in regions of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Texas, Vancouver and Toronto, World Journal (世界日報) is not only read by the largest number of Chinese Americans in North America, but also one of the few newspapers in the nation that operate non-stop.

Founded in 1976, World Journal publishes up to 128 pages a day and 365 days a year. Its comprehensive content includes headline news and international news, major news about the United States as well as Canada, economy, politics, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and the Chinese American community in North America. It also provides coverage of major sports, entertainment, finance, literature, opinion, creative writing, technology and invention, healthcare, business and consumer, and readings for children.

The rapid growth in the number of Chinese immigrants in America has constantly incentivized World Journal to improve its quality of content, appearance and the service to subscribers. As a highly praised publication, World Journal is highly respected by peer mainstream newspapers. Former President George W. Bush and former Prime Minister Jean Chretien of Canada commended World Journal’s great contribution of playing an instrumental role in helping new immigrants understand their new homeland and adapt to new life. 

In addition to helping immigrants settling down in North America and starting a new life, World Journal has assumed the important role of promoting economic development by bridging Chinese consumers and the mainstream businesses. For more than 30 years, thousands of businesses in numerous categories have relied upon World Journal to reach the vast base of consumers, who, in turn, has constantly obtained from World Journal the business and consumer information they can use.

In the age of digital convergence, World Journal has designed two new digital products, wj2yp.com (the website of World Journal Business Directory) and WJmobile App, to further its 24-hour uninterrupted service to consumers and businesses anywhere on-line. This value-added marketing service is a new channel for consumers to make instant search or dissemination of business information.

Consumers can browse wj2yp.com looking for a wide range of information. They can look up for the listing of a business, read business news, check the discount price of an item and get quick access to a pool of useful tips. Furthermore, it is a platform of knowledge pool, where users can find categorized information on law, taxes, education, finance or special articles written by attorneys, doctors, certified public accountants, investment consultants and other professionals or experts.

With the application of WJmobile APP, consumers can get easy access via cell phone to the information pool of wj2yp.com which is linked to World Journal’s mpaper (mobile paper) and have the entire world in his grasp.